Expatriate jobs in beijing: IQAir China - Senior Marketing Manager

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Expatriate jobs in beijing: IQAir China - Senior Marketing Manager

Post by affnia » Tue Aug 12, 2014 4:49 pm

IQAir is the number one brand for air cleaning systems,and has been the top-rated air purifiers for nearly fifteen years. We are committed to delivering products and services of uncompromised quality and integrity consistent with our brand and our brand image. IQAir China is dedicated to your personal and professional enrichment through an environment of excellence, accountability, teamwork, passion and open communication. IQAir China is looking for a Senior Marketing Manager. This job requires both written and oral communication in English and Putong Hua.
If you like success and challenges, send your CV to recruitbj@iqair-china.com, with the position that you’re applying for as the title.
The Senior Marketing Manager is responsible for the development of the marketing strategy as well as planning and managing all activities related to advertising and promotion. He/she develops, establishes and maintains effective marketing strategies to meet organizational objectives.
Job Responsibilities
• Ensure effective management of the marketing, advertising and promotional activities of the organization including Internet, event, CRM, brand identity, and social media strategies.
• 确保公司营销,广告与推广活动的有效管理,包括网络、活动、CRM、品牌特色、社会化媒体战略。
• Manage the productivity of the marketing plans and projects
• 管理营销计划和项目的生存力
• Manage the work of designers, writers, and printers, ensuring outstanding levels of quality, cost effectiveness, and brand alignment to standard
• 管理设计师、作家、印刷厂的工作,确保质量的高水平,成本的有效性和品牌定位的标准。
• Analyze customer base and identify revenue generating opportunities
• 分析顾客群,确定创收机会
• Analyze database marketing and site personalization efforts to understand overall return on investment
• 分析营销数据库和网站的个性化成效,了解整体投资回报率。
• Recommend new strategies and database marketing programs to drive enhanced revenue from existing customer base
• 推荐新的战略和营销数据库项目,推动从现有客户群那里提高收入。
• Develop reporting and metrics to understand overall customer retention/repeat behavior across key segments
• 制定报告和度量标准根据关键环节了解全体顾客的保留/重复行为。
• Refine segments, promotions and campaigns based on evaluation of campaign conversion, customer retention, customer cross-sell, campaign dilution and campaign ROI
• 根据活动转换、顾客保留、顾客交叉销售、宣传亏损与活动投资回报率的评估进行精华细分,推广和从事活动。
• Develop and monitor success at program, customer segment, and campaign level
• 在项目、顾客细分和项目水平上发展和监督成功。
• Validate proper execution of all database marketing campaigns across multi-channel environment (e.g., website, email, call center)
• 使通过多渠道正确执行的营销数据库宣传生效。
• Monitor the competitive landscape, testing new approaches and adopting best-practice strategies
• 监控竞争格局,测试新方法和采用最佳实践战略。

Email your CV to: recruitbj@iqair-china.com