i look at Chinese bride with long hair

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i look at Chinese bride with long hair

Post by rofixe » Thu Apr 14, 2016 9:52 am

I Look for a Chinese wife with long hair up to the bottom of the buttocks or the knees or the ground I love women with very long hair & I would love to play with your hair and brush it. or wash it or put it over my face and my body, such as the cover when we sleep and we practice love with each other in bed.

I have received many messages that contain only Hi-Hello-How are you-Nice to meet you this kind of ridicule and derision demonstrates the absence of a culture of dialogue and the inability to create a dialogue By writing sentences or lines

That is why I say to every girl does not have time for dating and had time only to write Hi-Hello-How are you-Nice to meet you.PLZ PLZ Not writing to me, because you will not get an answer as long as you are not able to write a complete sentence in a line or two lines

I know I am looking for a needle in the bottom of the sea.because the foreign man rarely find a chinese girl with long hair.but I believe that nothing is impossible in this time.this is what makes me sticking and serious in my application and my research.So before you send me or asking me skyp-facebook-whatsapp-wechat being bold and courageous send me(yanlorenzo6@gmail.com) the pictures make me convinced dazzles my eyes make me dream with you and see you like my wife walked in front of me like a fashion model and I'm behind you praise in your body covered with long hair hanging above the ground like a wedding dress.

You can make this dream happen if you had long hair If you do not have long hair.No need for the inconvenience Please do not sell me the illusion and mirage. I want evidence-pictures and not words.if you are a chinese girl wish someday wear long wedding dress hanging above the ground.I also dream of a Chinese bride with long hair hanging over the wedding dress.It will be a beautiful sight dazzling invitees to the wedding when young children have long left and right of your hair in the center other children carrying wedding dress will leave your mind imagine and paint a plate of this beautiful landscape and surprising invitees.
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