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Post by midoban » Mon Dec 28, 2015 1:08 am

Monkey remains a monkey even though the disarmament of his skin and wearing the skin of the ram.you are a western woman and will remain a western prostitute in spite of you. do you believe yourself that you are a Chinese woman no more dreaming this is far from your nose this in woke up mom. through this ad now I knew which kind of girls you are punk and drab when bathing back again for the bath because you feel the dirt inside your body as if guilt or committed crime. enough crying at Chinese's. enough of begging in China sky in China does not rain money. China wants laborers for production and not prostitutes for consumption It seems you are without graduate certificates and professional experiences and unemployed means you failed scientifically and professionally. And go all long day in lounging in cafes and restaurants or hotels or clubs or bars or In all suspicious places that fit a prostitute like you for begging and ask for help from strangers using crocodile tears Or through the sale of your body.

You are tramp and foundling you are harlot and strumpet girl from the sidewalk girls and prostitutes living in a room full of insects and eating one meal in the dayou are nasty girl I feel disgusted and disgust you. since when not bathed and cleaned you.prostitution dirt from your body bottom line you are a heavy burden on china China And the globe.the businessmen toilet in the hotel disabled If you want you can convert your ass to the toilet. what do you think of this work opportunity irreparable right it a profitable project for you just tell me you want your salary per day or week or month per euro or dollar or Chinese Yuan. you have been wrong when you read my ad of the first time you have been wrong when you read my ad of the first time and you said to yourself this western man a booty easy for me to offload my anger and implementation my revenge but you found the meat of this booty solid and more bitter. you found someone stubborn and strong personal like communist dictator

jasmin34 you are just a toilet for men a big sperm drinker

Post by midoban » Thu Dec 24, 2015 10:29 am

Any capacity whatsoever even asking me to return to my country. are you an employee in the office of immigration affairs or the interior minister in the chinese government. I will return to my country when you come back to Ukraine and when chinese traders back from Spain. who drowned the spanish market with products is a scrap by showing defects and damage issues after two days of use. are you a spokeswoman for the Chinese or lawyer in charge of the site for the defense of Chinese girls. to hear your words think that China is the world center and took the place of America in the issuance of international resolutions and control the fate of the peoples and the chinese girls the angels of chastity and honor. most Chinese flock to foreign residents or non-residents in China to Fun sexual or play the role of Mistress for an apartment or a car or a sum of money each last month.

No need to threaten me the site tried and failed in extrusive me.they could not because my IP was changed automatically once I showed in China and once in Spain or France or any other country, and even when they found the solution driven me out and I came back and pierced the site.and when they tried again and again failed to expel me because I deleted the IP of my smartphone and computer and having suffered for boredom and felt tired ignored me in order to avoid hack and piracy the site because they knew they are In front of an dangerous expert in digital technology. I think you are rebellious and full of audacity and insolence and you need to tame and discipline, unfortunately, the cause of this courage in insults and verbal abuse is seated behind a computer or phone If I were now in front of me will spank your face strongly even urinate in your pants with fear and sex. then will you like my hammer dick more and sex more .

you are the same scammer black woman do not play game with me dirty slut

Post by midoban » Thu Dec 24, 2015 10:27 am

without hi or how are you beceause do not deserve that wekk bitch website the beijinger i will answer you on your words which like the toilet for the secone time i tell you you're dirty words means you are a dirty girl and in your ass a worm curiosity and snooping on ads and advertisers. If not dislikes the ad. go to another ad without philosophy but it seems from your words unpleasant odor that your mouth like toilet. and that you complex girl of sex and men who are looking for sexual pleasureor or failed and sexless maybe you gave up your friend or your husband for this reason and you came to beijinger website to offload your anger in my ad or any ad there perhaps this your habit with any sexual ad. a medical advice to calm your nerves treat yourself with masturbation when you are angry so you do not explode any bloody sweat in your brain. your tongue long it seems you are a girl accustomed to insult and cursing people with or without cause and they also you respond football insults and verbal abuse, and this makes you feel comfortable and happy.

What is this stupidity and inconsistency.the Internet is full of advertisements sexual website, but you do not like my ad only.clear that you have schizophrenia.pure and chaste girls do not read such ads and if you really pure and chaste girl why you read the announcement which is clear from the title and the picture and if your eyes and ear ache you as a result of reading such ads do not fall to the site. who are you to ask me to delete the announcement are you a site owner and I do not know. even prostitutes became give the orders anf threats.where are you my grandfather until you see the time when your grandchild lives.


Post by Julya01 » Tue Sep 30, 2014 10:36 am

I make a call to all peoples who could help me pass a very difficult time here . I am Western woman, alone and without any possibility to pass this stress. Those who have a good heart and can be on my side and give me a hand , please contact me to


Thank you !