Go Dutch Thanksgiving Dinner Party + OVEN !!!!

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Go Dutch Thanksgiving Dinner Party + OVEN !!!!

Post by Nata » Mon Nov 24, 2014 8:23 am

Female Asian-American who's been missing 10 years of Thanksgiving & Christmas is seeking Fellow Americans or Canadians to join me in a go Dutch Ttraditional Thanksgiving dinner on Friday, November 28th. While I understand us Americans tend to celebrate it on the last Thursday of November, a Friday celebration means everyone can stay longer and no one needs to go in to work the next day, barring those who are teaching. OK< if you aren't Americans or Canadians, and if you are from countries that celebrates Christmas, you too are welcome. Below conditions (1) - (9) applies.

***I am a great cook where this type of dinner is concerned. ** (My mash potatoes are TO-DIE-FOR!!!, my dressings are homemade!! so there are no preservatives of any sort ). However, one condition is that I need an apartment with a large oven (like every home has in the USA, though 2 is better)

(1) We will all go Dutch for all ingredients, trimmings, and whatever we need to get to make this dinner eg
(2) 1 or 2 Turkey, and stuffing (depending on the no of people responding to this ad - though would like to keep it to around 12-14);
(3) Other ingredients (to make mash potatoes, jacama, cranberry, salads, pumpkins, apples (to make pies), olive oils etc
(4) one time use plates, cutlieries, napkings, baking pans,wineglass / cups, candles (want a candie lit dinner!); and related stuff
(5) Wine - everyone who comes should also bring a bottle red or white wine or 6 packs or a gallon beer.
(6) EVERYONE who participate MUST HELP with cleanup and washing. - after all, this is a co-operative effort + plus whoever's home we are using, that is only common courtesy.
(7) Participants should come early to help with set up too. I will need some kitchen help. Again, this is co-operative and chipping in to do something is expected.
(8) If you dont want to do anything, then you'll have to pay a little more.
(9) Once you have commit, please DO NOT CANCEL out. In fact, I am hoping we can all meet a week before Thanksgiving (US date)

If you have that apartment I need, please contact me so we can discuss further.
All others, if you are interested, please reply with your name and contact.

***RSVP no later than Wednesday night, Nov. 19th. 1st come 1st serve.***

So, an advance Happy Holidays to You.

If this Thanksgiving event happens and is successful, I'd like to do a TRADITIONAL PRIME RIB Christmas Dinner with yorkshire pudding and the whole enchilada....Maybe even include a HONEYBAKE HAM...But let's see what happens with the above. If it doesn't happen, then this is a moot point.