For those of you working for Rebecca Tang or Eric Winder...GET OUT NOW

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Re: For those of you working for Rebecca Tang or Eric Winder...GET OUT NOW

Post by jameshardy » Wed May 10, 2017 3:00 am

I totally agree. Stay well clear!

I was treated terribly by this company. Threatened with legal action in my own country (this didn't happen and was only a scare tactic) if I didn't go to work when I wasn't given a suitable job or anywhere to live.

These people have no regard for anyone but themselves

Re: For those of you working for Rebecca Tang or Eric Winder...GET OUT NOW

Post by albalburge » Sat Aug 22, 2015 8:38 pm

I've heard so much trash spouted by people about BeijingTeach and Winder. I came over to China through BeijingTeach over 2 years ago. I was a graduate with no prior teaching experience. I was given the exact low down by Eric as to what someone in my position could and should expect from china, and in particular Beijing. There were no lies, no BS. The thing is I was honest to him about my qualifications and my intentions of being in China; which was to gain experience of teaching regarding becoming a qualified teacher in the UK. Eric was always upfront and honest about the process and what I should expect. I got exactly what was promised; a job with an average local salary (for Beijing) and an apartment (decent area, decent location) within the third ring road. It wasn't the Ritz but it was somewhere to bed down while settling in. What do some people expect? To come straight from college/uni in the states or UK and walk straight into a 20000 RMB teaching job and a cute little house in Gulou without ever having set foot in a classroom before?
Please. Be honest with yourselves. I've met too many people who complain about recruiters etc. Be honest about your intentions and your ambitions before hitting out at people who are honest enough about wanting to recruit you for business purposes. BeijingTeach is a recruiter; it's not a jobs creation program or educational aid initiative. It's a business. I got a good enough job and a soft enough landing in china through them, and some good honest up-front advice to go with that. Nothing more and nothing less. I'd recommend them to anyone wanting to come over to China for the first time. What you do with your life and career once you get here is up to you. As someone who has been there and got the t-shit, so to speak, I'd certainly say Beijingteach is well worth talking to and considering.

For those of you working for Rebecca Tang or Eric Winder...GET OUT NOW

Post by Roberto33 » Sat Jun 27, 2015 11:40 am

Hey fellow ESL teachers/English teachers,

Recently my friend has been thrown in jail due to the police cracking down on foreign teachers here in Beijing, working illegally. Needless to say, he was working for Rebecca Tang and was recruited by Eric Winder in America from a website called <>

90% of what that website shows you is bullshit. DO NOT BELIEVE IT. If you know anyone applying or is currently working for her, tell them to ditch the contract and find an alternative AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. REBECCA TANG IS A BAD PERSON WITH BAD INTENTIONS. The website claims "free accomodation" this is a lie, she takes it out of your paycheck and uses it toward your rundown apartment without sheets, utensiles for the kitchen, shitty wifi, NOTHING. She is also taking more than 60% of what you earn and if you do not have a college degree she will want you to buy a fake one and she'll "handle the rest". DO NOT DO IT. The police will catch you as they are becoming more strict here in Beijing. My friend was working one day and the police did a sweep of the complex he was working in and they detained him in a cell for more than seven hours then was questioned then put in prison for two weeks. Rebecca Tang did nothing to aid him.


It has cost my friend more than enough time, money and frustration dealing with all of this and she still didn't pay him what's owed him after a month's work and he was also deported.

Consider your future in China.