Recruitment of English teachers, preschool education

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Recruitment of English teachers, preschool education

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Beijing Qin Bowen company,is a company established by law in People's Republic of China according to the company law and relevant laws and regulations approved by People's Republic of China's industry and Commerce Department.
We adopted the original mode and system in the field of Chinese preschool education, focusing on the blank market of domestic preschool education, changing the traditional preschool education mode, giving children the sunshine, enthusiasm and happiness, providing better service. We provide early childhood education, tutor recommendation and other services for 4-6 year old children, and adopt "entertainment + Teaching" mode to cultivate children's interest and love for English.
At present, we have a large number of stable sources of life, and have received good praise from the parents. The space for future development is huge. Relying on our team and the deep background of our team, we always believe that our service can bring unexpected gains to our customers. In the future, we will continue to work hard and develop to bring happiness and knowledge to more children.

Job recruitment: English Tutoring
Type of work: part-time / full-time
Salary level: 200-500/ class time
Working place: Haidian District, Beijing
Requirements: like small friends, strong executive, positive attitude, enthusiastic and active, punctual, able to adapt to the flexible class place
Contact: King
Contact mode (WeChat): 15210711973

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