Hiring Part-time Teachers for BFSU Corporate Training Program


Hiring Part-time Teachers for BFSU Corporate Training Program

Postby UFEIC » Sat Jul 21, 2018 10:16 pm

Hiring Part-time Teachers for BFSU Corporate Training Program

Opening Positions:
Survival English: 16 teaching hours each week;
Business English: 20 teaching hours each week;
Presenting: 12 teaching hours each week;
Business Writing: 12 teaching hours each week;
Financial English: 12 teaching hours each week;
Western Culture: 12 teaching hours each week.

The Students:
Bankers from a corporate training program who are professional in their own field, but not very good at English communication

Teaching Time:
Textbooks are provided, two to four teaching hours each time, weekdays only. Starting from late September to mid-December 2018.

Native English speaker or non-native speakers with native like accent;
Bachelor degree or above;
Relevant and strong teaching experience and education, or relevant working background;
Responsible, outgoing, friendly, hardworking and easy to work with;

Teaching Place: Beijing Foreign Studies University, near to Weigongcun(魏公村)subway station of Line 4 in Beijing

About Us:
UFEIC-Higher Education Foundational Program Instruction Centre is a co-operative industry organization of education and training providers in North America. With the head office in Toronto, one of the largest city in North America, we are the leading international education and training co-operative.
UFEIC's mandate is to work with our partner schools to raise the profile of students’ success in universities and international education and training programs. UFEIC's focus is on university foundational education program development, collaborative international recruitment activities and the identification of international project opportunities.
UFEIC recognizes the importance of education and training in today's global economy. When students choose to study in foreign schools, UFEIC helps connect our partner schools in the world and spread the word about the quality of life and learning found here. When education providers take their expertise to other countries, they gain further international recognition and respect.
We look forward to hearing from you and to discussing with you how UFEIC can best serve your needs. For more information, please contact us.
For more information about our school, please visit our website http://www.ufeic.org/

School Location:
No.607, Tower A, Xinhua Keji Building, No.8 Tuofangying South Road, Chaoyang, Beijing (北京朝阳区驼房营南路8号新华科技大厦A座607)
Contact number: 010-64669200
Mobile: 18210229820 (Shango)

Please forward all applications and resumes to bilingochina_hr@126.com. Please attach your photo.

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