【Xiaomi】Full-time Indian MIUI Theme Editors Wanted!

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【Xiaomi】Full-time Indian MIUI Theme Editors Wanted!

Postby MoMo916 » Wed Nov 12, 2014 4:54 pm

Along with Xiaomi coming to India, we are witnessing great popularity of MIUI Rom among India Mi fans.
In the meantime, we are offering full-time job opportunities for talented Theme Editors working for India Themes.


Job Description:
Theme Editor
1. Recommend excellent themes for India local people according to their aesthetic preference
2. Edit special columns and compose column introduction in the light of hot topics
3. Adjust theme recommendation plan with the change of operation data

1. Rich experience in using MIUI for over a year and keen on mobile beautification with a strong sense of aesthetics
2. A good command of written English and relevant working experience in client-end editing preferred
3. Familiar with India local culture and aesthetic preference of local people; Native Indian residents preferred
4. Fluency in Chinese speaking, for the sake of efficient communication with Chinese team members; can work under pressure
5. Work Location: Beijing, China

If you are interested,please send your CV to Email: zhangyueting@xiaomi.com

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