Tired of being a teacher?Then Join Us!

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Tired of being a teacher?Then Join Us!

Postby qiaqiahr » Mon Sep 01, 2014 11:45 am

American?Canadian?British?or you come from any other English speaking country?Wanna find a job in Beijing instead of being a teacher? Then come and join us!
Working Visa provided to full-timer only.
But for the part-timer, you can come and work with us when you have time~
.Job Description:
1) Job Title: Transcriber/Annotator
2) Working Hours: From 9:00~18:00
3) Working dates: From Monday to Friday
4) Payment: Monthly(2 times/month)
5)opportunities to work with well known companies
5) Work content:
The purpose of the project is to improve the voice recognition system of gaming console and well-known brand phone. To improve the software, you will be listening to actual raw data and transcribing what you hear into text.
*For transcription, you will be given tasks that include 200 lines of text and audio. The text may not always match the audio you hear. Your task will be to make corrections wherever necessary so that the audio matches the text. You will also add tags to indicate the presence of certain sounds.

.Job Requirements:
- Must be natives
- Passion for language with good knowledge of phonology in the target language
- A copy of CV is preferred

Ⅲ. Contact Details:

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