Study and Intern at China's first and only Non-profit College

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Study and Intern at China's first and only Non-profit College

Postby Chris Wu » Thu Sep 11, 2014 7:52 am

Tired of Beijing or other metropolitan cities in China?
Wanna learn Chinese and interesting ethnic culture in a more rural and quiet setting?
Try Guizhou Forerunner College - Chinese Ethnic Culture Practice Center!

Guizhou Forerunner College, the first and only non-profit, charity-based College in China is founded under faith-love-hope foundation under VIA technologies, the school aims to provide quality higher education to underprivileged Chinese rural students in Guizhou, the province with the lowest per capita GDP.

Many GFC Chinese students come from poor, rural families. It is GFC’s goal to provide scholarship to outstanding but underprivileged students so they can finish higher education, to acquire a practical skill, and to find a job. We believe that education can lift their families out of poverty. With the motto: “Integrity, Love, Nobility,” GFC teaches students to be honest, loving and noble while helping them to pursue personal and economic growth.

In 2013, the school has expanded to include a student/intern program as well to provide study/intern abroad opportunities to all foreigners for them to immerse in an authentic rural Chinese setting and learn Chinese Language, its rich culture and fascinating Guizhou ethnic minority practices. Our Volunteer Program is a one-year commitment; airfare, lodging and monthly stipend will be provided.

We are the only campus in Guizhou that offers web-based HSK exam and our Chinese culture studies which includes history, philosophy, regional studies, etc. taught in English. The most unique study experience at GFC is the rich local Tea Culture and ethnic minority practices. Students can participate in Tea harvesting, processing and packaging in addition to tea ceremonies. Ethnic Miao embroidery and Ethnic Buyi Liquidambar dyeing are both recognized as China’s Intangible Cultural Heritage. Collaborating with the Minority Culture Heritage Center at GFC, whose purpose is to train local young girls the traditional arts and craftsmanship to preserve the tradition and inherit the techniques, our international students can learn these almost extinct skills along with the Chinese students.

The tuition will be used as scholarships for the underprivileged Chinese students at our college. For your volunteer internship services, the college also offers deduction opportunities.

We offer spring and fall semester study programs for 14 weeks and summer programs for 4 weeks

Internship positions are also available for someone who does not fit the criteria for the full-time volunteer program but still wants to serve at GFC. We are also organizing a combined program in the summer to provide the best experience of both volunteering and studying abroad at GFC.

Fore more information, please refer to our website at and our flyers and brochures at

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