Polyvalent & curious laowai looking for new challenges and job oppotunities


Polyvalent & curious laowai looking for new challenges and job oppotunities

Postby Klem69 » Tue Oct 11, 2016 8:47 am

Good day everybody,
Among the quantity of ads posted on this section, I hope this one will catch your attention.

In Beijing for over three years, I am a 27 years old French-Belgium down-to-earth and young man looking for new challenges in this fascinating metropolis of Beijing.

Graduated from France with a Master Degree in Arts Apply for Languages (English and Chinese, option translation / interpreting and International Business) I am willing to offer my talents and services to any company looking for creative, hardworking and passionate employee.

As indicated in the title, I described myself as a polyvalent person.
I do manage a website about newsmaking (www.news-room.fr) which I am the webmaster, the staff manager, the main editor and Community Manager.

Chief of International Department in an Education Agency designing innovative and new-market programs, I am able to think out of the box and am very dedicated to the tasks I've been assigned. Meeting lots of importants representatives from worldwide education was a very interesting challenge, thus looking for new opportunities in this area would be a great plus.

I also currently work for various training schools or as a joker in Beijing as a French and English teacher. These classes could be one-on-one or organized in small groups. In addition these responsabilities, I work freelance as a translator, proofreader and editor for various Beijing-based or Shanghai-based agencies. These are a few examples of the many interests I do have and that I will be very pleased to demonstrate to you, if we have the chance to meet for an interview.

I'm really interested in every offer: as a very curious and autonomous person, I can learn and adapt to a new environment in a very fast way.

I had some internship in IT Business and localization companies in the Business Development department, and I would be very grateful to find again such type of position.

I may agree this presentation might not be very casual but I hope this would have at least catch your attention and that you may have found interesting elements about my profile and my personality. I would be delighted to make you discover more about my carreer plan during a future interview.

Positions as intern or assistant are also included in my expectations.

The only option I may ask is a mutual trust and long-term contract. I'm currently holding a working visa, just the transfer of the working permit would be necessary on your side.

Feel free to contact me through wechat: xiaoluke1989, or at clementraquin[at]free.fr for further information about me or add my wechat through the QR code in my profile picture. (I will transfer you a resume in the best times).

To schools or training centers, I am only interested in FULLTIME position with legal status involved, and no interest in kindergardens. Thank you in advance for not wasting my time and yours.

Best Regards,


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