Language teacher in Qingta dongli, wukesong


Language teacher in Qingta dongli, wukesong

Postby dilaspre » Wed Sep 17, 2014 8:03 am

Hello everyone.
I am English Teacher in Wukesong, near Qingta Dongli. I currently work in a small school, but I am free from 12 to 2 pm, and from 6 onwards. If you would like to improve your English, or learn/ study another language (Spanish, French, Italian, German), here is your chance.

I can go to your house to teach one or one, or even arrange a small group of kids or teenagers. Price is negotiable.


我是一个外国老师, 我在澳大利亚长大,我正在五棵松上班,我在一所小学教英语。我现在还有时间找新的学生。 我每天从十二点到两点有时间给你上课。 望上六点起, 也可以。 我在青塔东里, 我可以去你家, 也可以安排一个小班 。 我们可以讨论价格。 如果你还要学习西班牙语 , 法语, 德育, 意大利语, 我也会教你。

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