full-time hunting


full-time hunting

Postby shuibin » Mon Sep 22, 2014 7:59 am

Tired of being immorally used in an atmosphere in which employees are abused as note printer, I once again have to come to the end of my current contract soon. The relationship between employer and employee may be well-organized introduced on textbooks, while the cultural localization of this kind deeply betrayed my heart. Thus, this brief self-introduction is expected to date an employee-friendly employer to widen my further performance at work.

One fact that no one is always behaved properly in certain circumstance keeps me quiet to point out those immoral ways from the administrational system. It is just the behaviour of this kind that often fell me into the trouble with the direct leaders and constantly narrowed my career development. However, those previous failures from those so-called worldwide-spread companies, I still believe that, as that my mom has educated, one should behave with your heart rather than those benefits which obtain from others by destroying their proper part.

With a background of being a top student, I was trained as a quick learner to fit for any environment. In addition, these features of being industrious, being organizing and being honest may outline what I look like. Moreover, I have a quiet variety of work experience among human resource management, sales assistant, waiter service, and English teacher. So, I would responsibly say that I am a multi-task conductor.

Well, this comes to the moment for making an appointment for interview, if interested. Any further information, I would present what are required at job interview. Any vacancy is welcome to me, and I am always keeping ready to any challenge in life. You may drop me a line at hodicho@icloud.com. Thanks for your time.


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