American Female Looking For Part Time Opportunities


American Female Looking For Part Time Opportunities

Postby Ksnos » Sat Sep 27, 2014 5:34 pm

Dear Sir,
I would like to apply for a position close to my university degree or any other suitable and have enclosed my resume for your future consideration.
Mobile Number : (0086)138115524731
Dmytro Burtsev
English name: Dima
Here is all the information needed about me in details
A-personal Data
1- Full name: Dmytro Burtsev
2- First name: Dmytro
3-Surname: Burtsev
4-Title:MR .
5-Date of birth: 1990
6-Place of birth: Ukraine
7-Marital status: unmarried
8-Sex: male
9-Miltary status: completely exempted
11- Mobile Number : (0086)13811552473
12- Nationality: Ukrainian

B- Education & Qualifications
( I have already Master degree in Ukraine)
Master degree at International Relations (International Policy and analytics) The National University of Ostroh Academy, Ukraine, Department of International Relations: 2013
5- Training courses in English-Ukrainian translation

C-Experience and employment history
1 year working as an au-pair in China.

D-Skills & languages
English language : fluent spoken , written
Russain language : fluent spoken , written
Ukrainian language : fluent spoken and written
Chinese language : basic spoken and written (still study, passed HSK 3 )
Polish language: basic spoken.
Computer skills:
Windows , MS Word ,MS Power Point, internet ( good user)
Hobbies :
Computer , language, public relation, politics, sports, psychology.
Furnished in request .I have all references needed for the legal work .
Notice: I am free liberal man want to live and work in advanced , prosperous , safe and honest place and I hope to to be one of your good team. Ready to start from September 2014.
Waiting for your reply,
Mobile Number : (0086)13811552473
I’d prefer to use my diploma and degree in International Relations because this field in the most interesting for me. I like teaching English and languages very much. Send me all details about the job, please and thank you very much for your considerable attention
Waiting for your reply
I state and certify that all information provided by me in that resume (C.V) is correct, true, accurate and the best of my knowledge.
MR. Burtsev

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