CBD apartments-CYPA-for rent


CBD apartments-CYPA-for rent

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CYPA provide you with a new lifestyle in Beijing. Living in downtown; work, entertainment and life can be accessed within 30 minutes. Very good real estate standards in Beijing. A great choice if you are looking for a good value of money accommodation in Beijing. Small layouts, would be appropriate for singles. Provide with mini gym, yoga studio, public relax zone etc. You can access to supermarkets such as BHG, shopping mall like Fuli City within 15 minutes. Local Channels and Foreign Channels(CCN,PHOENIX,HBO...)available.
Location-CYPA: CYPA is located within CBD Area, near East Third Ring Road, only 800 meters from Guomao Bridge. Ten minutes walking distance from both Guomao subway station(line 1,10) and Shuangjing subway station(line 10,7)
Pros & Cons-CYPA:
Very economical
Very new and clean
Convenient transportation

China Young Professionals Apartments (CYPA)'s new flagship apartment building is built with China's young white-collar professionals in mind. The building is designed to both be green and foster a sense of community between the young people who chose to live there. To accomplish this goal, the building has a number of common spaces, where residents who share similar aspirations and lifestyles can meet their neighbors and foster a stronger sense of community. These spaces include a beautiful rooftop garden, a communal wine cellar and gym.

With one aim in mind: bringing young people back into the city centre, China Young Professional Apartments (CYPA) is revolutionising Beijing’s white collars living environment offering a new residential concept combining design, environmental friendly lifestyle and community life.
Located at the centre of Beijing’s CBD, the grey and green modern design building stands out in its environment, easily visible from the east 3rd ring road.
Noticing this building means noticing this new lifestyle.
Designed by German designer Volker Kunst, this new residential concept is the brainchild of CYPA CEO Wang Ge Hong. Wang is a strong believer in community; he believes that community is created when people have similar ambitions, aspirations, background and culture.

The compound is offering more than a living environment; it offers a sense of belonging and a feeling of community to its residents. Therefore, the rooftop garden which offers a magnificent view of the capital’s CBD area, the backyard as well as the lobby’s wine-bar and lounge all serve as communal spaces where neighbours can interact, meet each other, make friends and even have parties.
A gym, yoga room, art gallery and wine cellar are all available to the tenants free of charge.

The building has strict rules as for who can live there and strict rules for behaving inside the compound guaranteeing a peaceful, safe and clean living environment.
Garbage separation is encouraged and both designated trash cans and recycling machines are part of the design.
Natural sunlight, purified water and garbage disposal machines are all part of the apartments’ design, saving energy and reducing domestic garbage.

Here is link for listen to the designer interview by a radio station pls check : http://v.qq.com/boke/page/y/0/e/y0130of0m3e.html
Our web: http://www.cypalife.com ( the website has shown our officially price)
Our APP download pls. search 新派公寓 (Xin Pai Gong Yu) from App store.
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If you want to rent the apartments or have any questions or just want to get more information about our apartments, please don't hesitate to contact us at 400-991-8080 or +86-186-7551-2232 or email to hzhao@cypam.com.

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