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English and Chinese speaking female looking for an apartment close to Dongzhimen Wai & Liufang

Posted: Sun May 01, 2016 7:09 am
by carrieyc
Hello! I'm Carrie.
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What I am looking for:
Ideally I am looking for my own apartment, but I am also looking at 2 bedroom apartments (so, sharing an apartment with 1 other person).
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I am looking to move to the:
Liufang (柳芳)
Zuojiazhuang (左家庄)
Guozhan (国展)
Xibahe (西坝河)
Dongzhimenwai (东直门外)
(Around one of these 5 areas)
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I am looking to move into a new place anytime between now and Thursday 12th May 2016 (As that is the date my landlord is moving back into his apartment).
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How much:
I am looking for a place that costs between 2,200RMB - 3,200RMB a month.
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About me:
I am 24, very clean, tidy and organised. I don't smoke and I am a friendly, outgoing Chinese girl who is working in Beijing and speaks pretty good English. I am also a wonderful cook.
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Contacting me:
If you have something that matches my details (above) please add me on WeChat and we can chat.

My WeChat ID: carrieyc

Thank you!