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Seeking flat or roommates to share with - I am the perfect roomate

Posted: Sat Sep 27, 2014 6:54 pm
by rschwendeman
I am the perfect roommate cause I am around only 1 week each month!
I am American guy in my 30ies. I previously lived in Beijing for many, many, many years, and now I live in the south of China (Hong Kong/Shenzhen). However, I usually travel to Beijing once a month for about a week or so. Sometimes it's more frequent. Other times its less.

I am looking for a place where I can stay while I am in town. Basically I need a place to sleep (sofa is ok), somewhere to keep some clothing and personal belongings and a place to plug-in laptop and work while I am around. Not short term or on a monthly basis, but rather long term as someone's roomate who is happy with renting monthly to someone who will only be around one or two weeks a month.

Since I am rarely around, I want to keep it inexpensive.
Prefer something on the east part of town. Currently, I am near Gaobeidian. Previously was a sihuidong. I speak putonghua and obviously know my way around the city. Foreigner or Chinese is fine, however I need something clean, quiet and stable. No crazy people.

One hitch - I have a cat, though she is quite old (15 years), declawed, quiet, very cute and sleeps most of the time. I want to keep her in Beijing if possible. She is about as low key and low maintenance as you get.
My former roomate is leaving China after two years together so I can basically move at anytime (and I am in Beijing this week).
I also keep a place in Hong Kong if you are someone who travels there often, you can also stay with me there.
No agents please.
Shoot me a message here, ring me at 14715493033 or email ( and I will definitely respond.