Looking for a Room | 想找合适的房间


Looking for a Room | 想找合适的房间

Postby tyrfenrir » Mon Jan 19, 2015 7:54 am

我是27岁的美国男士,我想找合适的室友。我挺喜欢学习中文所以我要支持选择中国人的室友。我有一个开心和自由的性格。我喜欢做饭,程序,骑自行车,看科幻小说。我想住在东三环近的地方。如果你有问题,随便问我。 我也请你给我一个小介绍你和别的室友。 感谢。

Hi, I'm a laid back 27 year old from America. I'm looking for cool roommates who are close to my age and have a comfortable living space available. I'd like to live near the East 3rd Ring Road.

About me: Into technology, programming, app/game development, nature, hiking, reading books, watching movies etc.

If you're interested please send me a message and tell me about yourself and the other roommates if any.

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Re: Looking for a Room | 想找合适的房间

Postby joe » Fri Jan 23, 2015 3:51 pm

i am chinese man
i am 37 years old
i live near the East 4rd Ring Road
i like study english,rinding horse ,play football,golf,ski
i want making frindes with you

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