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Daystar Academy

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2 Shunbai Lu
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Mon-Fri, 8am-4:30pm

Daystar Academy Description
For over a decade, Daystar Academy has been attracting parents and students from bicultural and bilingual backgrounds in Beijing looking for a truly balanced approach to international education. The 50/50 bilingual school accepts children from toddler to sixth grade (ages 22 months to 12). The toddler program is purely focused around language acquisition and social development. Kindergarten children ages 3-6 are immersed in half-day English and half-day Chinese Montessori programs. Similarly, elementary students are immersed 50 percent of the day studying China’s National Curriculum for literacy, math, visual arts, physical education and music. The other 50 percent of the day is focused in English-literacy using the US Common Core Standards as the benchmark, world studies, science, math and performing arts. Daystar has integrated a unique character development program into academics, events and service learning projects. Even in the organic lunch program, where they sit in school families, students share the responsibility of tidying up using food-grade cleaning products. For further information, contact admissions manager Heather Zhao at or call 5603-9446.

Daystar Academy is the only school in China that offers a balance of Montessori-based English Education and the Chinese National Curriculum (Renmin Jiaoyu Chubanshe) which opens the doors for graduates to succeed at either International or Chinese middle schools. The students spend half of their day in each language environment covering two curricula every day. Math and language are taught in both environments. This innovative approach brings together two cultures, and combines the strongest attributes of both Western and Eastern teaching methodologies.

At Daystar the focus is to support and care for the development of the whole child. This goal is achieved through a progressive “Virtues in Us” character education program. The overall program emphasizes nobility of character, academic excellence and parallel development in both English and Chinese.

Daystar is a private non-profit local school that is licensed to accept both Chinese nationals and foreign passport holders.

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