Fangcaodi Primary School

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Fangcaodi Primary School

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1 Ritan Beilu
International Schools
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8563-5120 ext. 2004/2005

Fangcaodi Primary School Description
Founded in 1956, FCD is one of the oldest primary schools for foreigners in Beijing. CSL education is deemed as only a transition to a Chinese-only instruction, particularly in the international division of the school (guojibu). As a Chinese school following the Chinese national curriculum, expectations of the students, in terms of content, are more demanding compared to international or bilingual schools. This however, allows students to adapt to the Chinese National Curriculum rapidly. Even though the majority of the teachers are non-native English speakers, the increasing focus on English has seen considerable finances being allocated to professional development. The school's extracurricular activities include summer camps and visits to cultural events while their facilities include a multifunction athletic field.

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