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International Kindergartens

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Beanstalk International Kindergarten
Introduction:Established in 1993, the Beanstalk International School currently offers an international curriculum and extensive activities for students from pre-school through grade six. The mission is to instill students with high academic, behavioral and social standards while empowering them to become fully bilingual, multi-cultural global citizens equipped with the know-ledge and integrity to function successfully in the 21st century.
Add: 1/F, B Building, No. 40 Liangmaqiao Road, Chaoyang District
Tel: 6466 9255

Der Kindergarten (German Kindergarten of Beijing)
Introduction: Der Kindergarten welcomes kids from 2 to 6. It offers a curriculum based on the Berlin Educational Program in a trilingual environment – German, English and Chinese – taught by native speakers to three age-specific groups. Strong emphasis placed on social skills and cultural awareness. Facilities include an indoor gym, reading room, art room, vegetable garden, and outdoor play area.
Add: Merlin Champagne Town 40B, No. 6, Liyuan Road, Tianzhu, Shunyi District
Tel: 6450 8580; 134 3978 2942 (Maria Seemel)

Eton International Kindergarten
Introduction: Etonkids International Kindergarten's certified teachers embrace the effectiveness of established Montessori teaching methods with classes taught in 100% English and places emphasis on developing your child's creativity, character and cultural awareness. Two native English speakers per classroom guide your child a he or she builds the foundations for future success in the areas for young learners. Eton Kids International Kindergarten's premier educational facilities and nurturing atmospheres encourage a natural love of learning and exploring. Open to all children 1.5-6 years of age.

Office of Admissions (Palm Springs Campus)
Add: Palm Springs International Apartments, No.8 Chaoyang Park South Road, Chaoyang District
Tel:6539 8967
Beijing - CBD Central Park Campus
Add: Central Park Bldg 19, No.6 Chaoyang District
Tel:6533 6620
Global Trade Mansion Campus
Add: Block D, Floor 3 Global Trade Mansion, Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District (next to Hanwei Plaza)
Tel:6506 4805
Lido Campus
Add: Room C103 Lido, Lido Plaza, Jichang Road, Chaoyang District
Tel:6436 7368
Pinnacle Plaza Campus
Add: Tianzhu Real Estate Development Zone, Shunyi District
Tel:8046 5338

The Family Learning House
Introduction: This bilingual preschool integrates a character education program focused on instilling and developing virtues (such as responsibility, service and truthfulness) with a Montessori curriculum. It welcomes students from 1.5 to 6. In its campus, lead teachers in each classroom speak English with students, while all Chinese staff speak to students in Chinese; older students receive daily Chinese pinyin lessons. Extracurricular activities include art, ballet and yoga. The campus has eight classrooms, a kitchen, a library, and an outdoor area.
Add: Jianwai SOHO West Zone (in front of Blg 14), No.39 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District
Tel: 5869 7540

House of Knowledge
Introduction: House of Knowledge boasts its own unique curriculum that includes aspects of the Montessori and Reggio Emilia programs, with special emphasis placed on the latter approach. Children are treated as competent learners with boundless potential, who are capable of infinite discovery. With this in mind, the curriculum trains them to acquire critical thinking and collaboration skills by teaching them how to "learn to learn". For children 10 months to 6 years old. Facilities include a playroom with a climbing area, gym, dining room, library, art room, music room and outdoor playground with climbing facilities and a big sandbox.
Add: A11 Liyuan Compound East Gate, Maquanying Street, Chaoyang District
Tel: 8470 5928; 6434 0088

Ivy Bilingual School
Introduction: Ivy Bilingual School (IBS) uses the Ivy Multiple Intelligences program and accepts students of ages 2 through 6. It teaches a curriculum informed by the Multiple Intelligences theory. Both Chinese- and English-speaking teachers are present in the classroom at the same time in order to offer a truly bilingual environment. Students are expected to understand, speak, read and write basic characters by the time they graduate from the program; about 60% of the children enrolled at Ivy Bilingual graduate into local elementary schools, while about 40% move on to international schools.
Ivy Bilingual has 2 campuses in Beijing, located in the diplomatic areas as well as Shunyi.
Add 1: Building E, Ocean Express, No.2 East 3rd ring, Chaoyang District
Tel: 8446 7287

Add 2: No.18 Xinjin Lu, Cui Ge Xiang, Laiguangying Road
Tel: 8439 7080

Mammolina Children’s Home
Introduction:A bilingual kindergarten that opened its doors in August 2005, Mammolina offers a Montessori curriculum covering practical life, language, math, cultural studies, art and music, and more. The school boasts a huge classroom and limited enrollment of 30 children. This kindergarten is a child-sized environment where life skills can be developed through self chosen, purposeful activity. The children's needs are met and their innate curiosity and love of learning is nurtured. Much of the learning is garnered throught he manipulation of special didactic materials and learning aids.
Add: 36 Maquanying Siqu, Xiangjiang Beilu, Chaoyang District
Tel: 8470 5128

Oxford Baby Bilingual Kindergarten
Introduction: WIth four campuses around Beijing, Oxford Baby is one of the most established kindergardens in town. Combining a Chinese-style program with English prerequisites from primary school, Oxford Baby is a model of international kindergarten in Beijing whose goal is to nurture children to a level where they can comfortably transition into either a Chinese public school or a bilingual school. With dedicated employees willing to go to the extra mile, many students often enroll directly into mainstream international schools.
Add: 10 Anhuili, Section4, Yayuncun, Chaoyang District
Tel: 6489 5533

The Children’s House
Introduction: Founded in 1992, CHMK was the first school in Beijing to follow a Montessori-based curriculum. Now the morning classes are still based on the AMI-certified Montessori program while the afternoon has been transformed into a program that includes specific curricular outcomes. At CHMK, a hybrid of Montessori and traditional teaching styles are used to balance kids’exploration with high expectations. The Children’s house is designed to allow children to learn at their own pace and meet their own individual goals. CHMK is one of the very few kindergartens that are well-equipped to teach children with special needs. Extracurricular activities such as piano, ballet, kung fu and other activities are available.
Add1: China World: 1/F, North Lodge, 1 Jianguomen Waidajie, Chaoyang District
Tel: 6505 2288
Add2: Kempinski: Unit 114, Lufthansa Center Tower, 50 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District
Tel: 6465 1305/3388 ext. 4477
Add3: Yosemite Villas Kindergarten, 4 YuYang Road, Houshayu Town, Shunyi District
Tel:8041 7083

Children’s Learning Center of Beijing (CLCB)
Introduction:CLCB is a registered private bilingual kindergarten. They combine small classes and a family-like atmosphere which is providing a tailor-made early childhood education Their dedicated, caring teachers constantly strive to provide for children's learning at the highest standard. CLCB is committed to nurturing the development of inquiring minds, encourage exploration, attentive listening and articulating ideas, opinions and discoveries as important processes in learning development. They aim to meet the individual needs of each child.

Add:3056 Gahood Villa, Baixinzhuang, Houshayu, Shunyi District
Tel:8046 7082

KinStar International Bilingual School
Introduction: Founded in 2006, KinStar International Bilingual School is a kindergarden through Grade 7 bilingual (Chinese and English language) international school, offering a challenging and caring educational environment in which students are active participants in the learning process. Kinstar fosters critical thinking and enquiry-based skills to ensure its tudents achieve to their fullest potential as individuals and as members of the global community. The school takes western education philosophy - British curriculum, and also offers ESL and CSL for students who need additional help with English and Chinese.
Add:Building 11, No.5 Yumin Road, Houshayi, Shunyi District
Tel:8041 0390

The International Montessori School of Beijing
Introduction: Founded 17 years ago, MSB is the first and only fully registered international Montessori school in Beijing and is also an Examination and Training Center Site for the Northeast Montessori Institute. MSB is dedicated to serving Beijing’s expatriate children, from pre-school to elementary, and strives to "provide an environment where intellectual abilities and self-esteem grow hand-in-hand, where imagination and curiosity are cultivated, where critical thinking and competencies flourish, where students learn to respect all cultures and all people and where teachers care deeply for their pupils". The three campuses-River Garden, Cherry Tree Lane and Champagne Cove offer a range of extracurricular activities including baking, wushu, Chinese painting, water safety and swimming. Featured facilities are the spacious classrooms, a large garden with a playground, a football field and an indoor swimming pool.
Add1: Xiangjiang Beilu, Shunyi District
Tel:6432 8228
Add2:1 Shunfu Lu, Shunyi District
Tel: 8945 2591
Add3: River Garden Campus, Houshayu Baixinzhuang, Shunyi District
Tel:8046 3935

Ivy Academy
Introduction:Founded in 2004, Ivy Academy is dedicated to providing premier early childhood education. The school offers the only Multiple Intelligences (MI) program in China officially recognized by the MI Institute. MI helps teachers recognize the many different cognitive strengths that students exhibit in order to continually provide learning opportunties that lead students to achieve their full potential. Their goal is to develop each child's full potential in a dynamic and supportive environment using current research-based practices.

Add: East Lake Villas C101, 35 Dongzhimenwai Street, Dongcheng District
Tel: 8451 1380

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