Looking for Native English Speaker (part time)

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Looking for Native English Speaker (part time)

Postby jack » Thu Jan 01, 2015 7:18 pm

I am looking for a one to one English tutor. You do not have to be understanding Chinese or have any experience about teaching, but you have to be a Native English Speaker.
I am a kind Chinese male, software developer. I usually read programming articles written by English, but my English listening and speaking abilities are poor. So I hope you to help me improve them.
All you need to do is chat with me on any subject that you are interest in, and correct my speaking error. Of cource, you have to prevent my poor English making you angry. :lol:
I would like to chat with female, because female is more kind and patient.
We can chat 1 hour 30 minutes at weekend. I will pay you after every chat. 4 weekend. Because You may feel bored after chat with me in 4 weekend.
The time and place is flexible. At Friday, you tell me when and where. I am usually idle at weekend, but sometimes I have to work at Saturday. The place is better to be near by Subway station and public place.

If you are interested, contact me please then we discuss the price and other detail. My wechat ID: CaptainJackJJ (by the way, send me a request with text "english", thank you)

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