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Housekeeper Ayi and Drivers | Beijing Relocation

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Beijing worryfree Domestic Service CO.Ltd is specialized in providing high-end housekeeping and childcare services, driver service, rental for foreign families in Beijing.
Registered in Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce, with independent corporate capacity, Over these years since our establishment we have provided high -level housekeeper,driver and other domestic services for a number of families of the working staff in foreign embassies or consulates and foreign enterprises in Beijing.Up to now 80% of our members come from abroad and HK,Macao and Taiwan and our Ayi's housekeeping and childcare services have won a high reputation among them.
ayi service
Features of Ayi Service
1) We offer reliable and qualified Ayis at any time;
2) Customers are permanent members once membership fees are paid;
3) Guaranteed service of exchanging Ayi with no condition to reach 
member’s requirements;
4) Free interpretation is provided between members and Ayis if it's necessary;
5) Members enjoy discounted rate of Ayi services;
6) Ayis are with strict and well training and meet the standard;
7) On-job training are also available to all Ayis;
8) Background check of Ayis to assure their credibility;
9) Ayis have physical check up each year;
10) Ayis are covered by insurance against personal accidents
If you need a reliable nanny or babysitter, please contact us :
mobile: 136--9323--5274 , 010--53667120
wechat:the same mobile number 13693235274
Beijing worryfree Domestic Service 

Address:Room 2515  25th floor in Section A of the Building No.3 Eastern Area International,Chao Yang District,Beijing City.
Located at the south-west corner of the Ci Yun Si Bridge with the Eastern
4th Ring Road,Chao Yang District,Beijing City.

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