Hookah Pavilion offers and services


Hookah Pavilion offers and services

Postby HookahPavilion » Tue May 24, 2016 9:45 am

Hookah Pavilion is a well experienced group of professional hookah makers in Beijing and we are offer to your atention a full hookah services.
If you got a place as bar, club, restuarant, lounge, tea house etc. and you want to add a hookah in assortment, we can help:

1) Find and provide a good design hookah.
2) Make a shisha tobacco supply.
3) Provide all required hookah accessories.
4) Provide a proffesional hookah maker.

Our offer is a collaboration, our goal is improvement and development of Hookah.
Anyone interest you can text us to
Email: HookahPavilionHP@yandex.ru
Wechat: HookahPavilion

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