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Hypnosis for you

Postby Peter13 » Mon Jul 04, 2016 8:38 pm

- Did you know that hypnosis and NLP can help people become healthier and cope with many problems caused by everyday stress?
- Well, I've heard something of that kind...
- What problem would you like to get rid of first?
- Well,.. I hate smoking but cannot stop it, I feel I've become too fat but cookies are so tasty, I wish I could say "good bye" to the warts on my hands cause they look awfull, I also have problems with digestion and no diets can help me, I suffer from insomnia and feel sick counting sheeps every night, I'm afraid of airplanes, crowded places, lifts, spiders, hight, open spaces, darkness and many other things people normally are not afraid of, I feel I'm getting too nervous because of all this and my blood pressure gets higher so that I start feeling panic. And what's more, I have to sell my cat cause I've got allergy... Do you think hypnosis or NLP can help me solve any of these problems?
- Absolutely. All of them. These are all unwanted reactions of your body, "programs" that were one day installed in your subconcious mind and from that on make you behave in a way you don't like.
- I really want to try it.
- I use hypnotic methods that allow you to remain wide awake and alert during the whole process. You do not sleep or lose memory, you control each step of the way. In hypnosis we will create new reactions and models for your subconcious mind and the body so these problems will never disturb you again. I also teach you self-hypnosis so that you can use it wherever and whenever you need it.

Lessons are also possible if you want to get better understanding of hypnosis, to become a hypnotist or to learn some tricks of stage hypnosis.

17801055207 (mobile and wechat)
Peter.yagodkin@mail.ru (describe your problem and we will find the right clue together)
Chinese and english are both possible.

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