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Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony

Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2016 6:07 pm
by Shutheteahouse
Dear all,

I am shu and I am a tea maker---- I am doing traditional Chinese tea ceremony for people who love tea and would like to have a tea degustation experience. I am based in Paris and have a little tea house there and I am just coming back to Beijing for family and looking for local tea here ^^ I will be more than happy to Share my tea ceremony with people who like tea and would like to have a relax and amazing tea experience.

My tea ceremony will last for one hour and 2-3 kinds of tea degustation included.
The place: chez vous
The price: 340 RMB

If you want to know about my tea ceremony, my Instagram shutheteahouse

If you want to know more about my tea ceremony or Want to make a rendez vous by email:

Hope to taste tea with you soon ^^