Hypnosis lessons

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Hypnosis lessons

Postby Peter13 » Sun Oct 15, 2017 11:11 pm

If you want to become a hypnotist or to solve some problems - find my phone number below!

During my lessons I will teach you several quick and effective methods of hypnosis which are used around the world. You will know:
- how hypnosis works and why it can be so powerful
- how to hypnotize anyone anytime at any place
- what is street hypnosis and stage hypnosis
- how to work effectively with client's problems
- how to understand that someone is trying to hypnotize you and how to prevent it

You can also try my hypnotic sessions if you want:
- to visit the dentist without any fear and pain
- to lose weight and normalize your appetite, get rid of vomiting or constipation
- to get rid of warts, nervous itching and some skin deseases
- to cope with an allergy or a nervous tick
- to get rid of any kind of bad habbits (smoking, drinking alcohol, biting nails and other)
- to change your attitude towards any person or event
- to get rid of bad memories and emotions, to forget your ex and start a new life
- to get rid of insomnia and have a good night sleep
- to stay calm and confident in contacts with the opposite sex or with your awful boss
- to get rid of any fears and phobias (narrow spaces, open spaces, crowded places, dogs, spiders, airplanes, darkness, height and so on)
- to prepare for an operation or a childbirth
- to reduce stress, get a stronger motivation in any sphere and become more effective in work.

17801055207 (mobile and wechat)

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