Repair your IQAir + filters and spare parts - 3M masks too!


Repair your IQAir + filters and spare parts - 3M masks too!

Postby dhelman » Sat Nov 21, 2015 7:04 pm

Do you have an IQ Air that needs some servicing?

Perhaps you tried to use your 110V unit without using a transformer and its now dead.

Or maybe you are worried about all the red lights indicating that you need a new filter.

We carry a full line of replacement parts and offer full service in your home with both English and Chinese speaking staff. We also carry all-copper windings 1000W transformers that are designed to run 24/7 for decades.

Besides replacement filters, we carry genuine wheel kits, remote controls, and everything else to make your IQAir run like new. We also have anti-microbial HyperHepa filters to provide your family with an extra measure of protection from airborne pathogens.

800 RMB - repair an IQ Air damaged by being used without a transformer (1000 RMB in Shunyi and outside the 4th ring road). Most repairs are done in your home in about 30 minutes.
200 RMB - genuine IQ Air remote control
200 RMB - set of four genuine IQ Air wheels/casters (or buy just one for 100 RMB)
200 RMB - pair of genuine IQ Air "legs" for your IQAir wheels/casters
100 RMB - genuine IQ Air power cord (US)
250 RMB - 1000 W 220 to 110 Volt transformer with all-copper windings (200 RMB if purchased with something else - as the transformer has a copper winding, its heavy, so buying something else helps us lower our delivery costs).

We also carry a full line of filters and other services parts, in additional to a full line of USA made 3M masks please let us know what you need.

SPECIAL - Buy 2 boxes of 3M masks, save 50 RMB each, Buy 3+ boxes, save 75 RMB each.
3M (Made in USA) N95 / R95 / P95 Masks – New and Factory Sealed
8210Plus – Box of 20 Adult N95 200 RMB
8110S – Box of 20 Child or Small Adult N95 200 RMB
8511 - Box of 10 Adult N95 (with one way valve) 220 RMB
8247 – Box of 20 Adult R95 (oily vapors resistant) 490 RMB
8577 – Box of 10 Adult P95 (oily vapors proof) 390 RMB

Please call Keria 138 1199 6606
Wechat : IAQ_Expert

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