Looking for a Life partner


Looking for a Life partner

Postby huyiqiang1987 » Mon Sep 29, 2014 3:24 pm

I'm David.a single man from south of China.Hubei province.working in the travel agencies in Beijing.
to be a English and Japanese tour guide.that's my part-times job.I am the Owner for 3 store online. International

Trade(E-business) sale shoes and the Hand-made furniture, Made in China. Retail or Wholesale.I have a store

online for sell the travel services for international tourists inbound to China for travel.


I like Travel、Swimming and forest planting,I am planning to travel around china.And go travel around the

world.that's my dream.

In general, I am a gentle and quiet, inner extinged appearance strong with studious. not noisy not fancy, don't

smoke, sometimes like to get beer with friends. not greedy of drink.I enjoy intermingling and doing things with

my lover.I look forward to spend time with you and getting to know you better. including dinner, watch TV, chat,

in a daze, shopping, sleep,Travel or Swimming, etc.. Love you so I love your dog.......

I love my girlfriend's cooking.I will Hand in hand and grow old together with my wife.

I'm a poor man, I rent a room for living in the basement of Beijing.take me out,if you are the one.Thanks.
my phone NO. is (+86)1355-2375-149 my Email is :404106717@QQ.com

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Re: Looking for a Life partner

Postby clementinab2k » Tue May 05, 2015 11:20 pm

Hello Dear, My name is Miss Clementina. I am very happy to view your profile today, I'm interested in knowing you & being friendly with you .I would appreciate if we get acquainted as soon as possible. I quite believe that we can start from here since it takes a moment to know someone. Write me direct with my e-mail id ( Clementinabalah@hotmail.com ) so that i will write and send you my pictures for a good start.
Miss Clementina.

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