Looking for Female Muse


Looking for Female Muse

Postby jvil-la » Wed Jun 17, 2015 8:03 pm

Looking for a sexy female to inspire sexy photo shoot which will probably be used for my personal portfolio with pure confidentiality, would also consider submitting to art showings and other areas but all this can be discussed. This is not for business use and solely for the art of expression, trying new things, and taking our experiences to new levels.
We can discuss various ideas, including anonymous pictures, themed pictures, and more. You can use the pictures for your portfolio as well.

If you are:
- a woman who wants to explore a taboo area of yourself
- enjoys being romanticized by expressing your sexuality
- interested in the area of erotica, be it photo or video
- want to build your portfolio as a model
- or just curious and want to capture yourself in photo
then contact me.

I'm open to various body types so don't let that hold you back. I've included some examples of photos I've taken in the paste and of myself. If you're interested, send some head and full body shots so we can talk further. I speak English and Spanish, I don't speak Chinese that well, but am learning so open to it.

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