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looking for a government worker who is looking for someone (who was a government employee in China)

Posted: Sat Aug 08, 2015 8:49 am
by Nicholovich5
In case my future Chinese friend is reading this, (and I like to imagine that this is so), it is possible, that all the announcements I put on the here will help me to meet a Chinese friend, or a Chinese woman who is more than a friend. I plan to go to graduate school next year, in Norway, however, would like to visit China and Vietnam while attending graduate school, so it is possible for us to correspond and then meet, in the not so distance future. I very much like to correspond, however understand if you want to keep corresponding down to a minimum.
My interests are many, because I have had a broad background. I would like to meet someone who is a government worker. I lead an interesting academic life, however, am also active and creative, and believe that humans are loving in nature and human nature is such that humans enjoy life, and are non-aggressive in nature.
Greetings from Nicholovich (Nicholas) Knarr (my registered name) Rose