The one in the crowd


The one in the crowd

Postby bginbeijing » Wed Sep 17, 2014 7:48 am

A passionate, fun-loving and caring girl who enjoys life any way she can. I value honesty the most. I am decisive, honest, straightforward and not very good with sugarcoding stuff. But I always mean it well, always.

I am very good at laughing at myself, and of course being sarcasitic sometimes. But I promise, I would only laugh at you at the appropriate time. In terms of personality, I am quite outgoing and easy to talk to. I am quite down to earth and believe in actions. I like balance in life, work hard, play hard and also balance between work, friends and family. I am quite international, having studied abroad and travelled to many countries as well. I do enjoy the exploration of different cultures and meting interesting people.

As for work, I have a decent job in an international organisation, occasionally travels both domestically and internationally. I m in my early 30s, and yes, a Chinese girl.

Core part, I m really not into ONS. I m looking for something real and decent, someone I can connect with on many levels and likes or even loves me for me someday. So here I am, out there. Bottom line is no try, no gain.

SO if you have jumped off a cliff like the one in the picture like that, you can write to me. Just kidding, actually if you are looking for someone real and fun and a good serious relationship, pls drop me a line at And gentlemen, if you are not on the same page as me, pls dont waste our time.

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