Busy Professional Seeks fun dates out


Busy Professional Seeks fun dates out

Postby seasidebird » Wed Oct 01, 2014 9:12 am

Basically I got what I want from life. Great career to fight and I am awesome at what I do. Great friends to hang out and all kind of fancy stuff I once dreamed as a little girl. Plenty stories, and an amazing journey. Couples of ex-assholes, and yes I once loved deeply but get out a still very single person.

Say I want someone interesting enough to date for at least 3 dates..I believe life is all about finding people you kind of crazy, being a tall sensual woman it is easy to get a date and the guy often end of sayin wow I never met a chinese woman like you before.. But very few mutual spark enlighten.

Looking for someone smart, funny, crazy in his own way. Professional established, hopefully with a business background, probably in 30s as well. Fit, active. Native English speakers only.

Yes sex is part of the deal but not interested in causal sex pals. Connections are important and what makes sex sexier. Seeking someone to be part of my journey and embrace me in his craziness of wonderland.

Only reply to email please savoirfaire@yeah.net


simple me

Re: Busy Professional Seeks fun dates out

Postby simple me » Tue Nov 04, 2014 3:02 pm

Hi there,

Strong story and headline, seems rather interesting life you got. How has it been so far? Any good guys yet?

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