Middle-Aged Lady seeking Chinese Friend


Middle-Aged Lady seeking Chinese Friend

Postby Channer » Mon Nov 03, 2014 10:47 am


I am a Middle-Aged Black woman from Jamaica, but I lived in England for the majority of my life. I am in Beijing studying Chinese and would like to find a Chinese male companion to go out frequently . We could do language and culture exchange. I would like to communicate with a Chinese Rastafarian. If you are interested you can reach me at:

channer99@outlook.com or 13718618331

Looking forward to hearing from you!


我是一个中年黑人妇女来自牙买加,但我大部分的我的生命住在英国。我在北京学习中文,想找一个中国男人。 我们可以常常一起去玩。我们能做的语言和文化交流。我想找一个有发绺的男人。如果你有兴趣,你可以找到我:



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