I've finally been ready here~Just waiting to come accross you now~:)

Alice Smile

I've finally been ready here~Just waiting to come accross you now~:)

Postby Alice Smile » Mon Nov 24, 2014 7:41 am

My friends said:experiences and time didn't mark on me much.And I guess it's true~:)

Because I wish I can prepare a good fresh me to my most importants and worked on it all the time.

I'm sb.who has tried my best to be really ready for a loving family life and a good mother for my kids one day~:)

I experienced a lot(as some other ones say)and at the same time a very simple happy person all the time;Maybe I know the world and people much more than many other girls but you cannot see from my face and daily behaviors;I'm very easy going but no way for you to change my career or dreams,for I spent years to find them out and made a lot of effort to make myself get and can be capable for it now and I wish it can lead me somewhere one day;I'm very healthy but have been alone for a few years,just because I thought I hadn't been ready and I was still making effort for it;I love being with any nice decent people,but if necessary I can keep a complete alone time for long;I have no bf but I did refuse a lot;I'm very quiet peaceful focusing person,but I can be very active too~:)

Basic information:
1.Divorced,have a daughter who has been over 4 years but not with me.
2.An actual orphen,with no family behind ever.
3.Chinese teacher;work for myself.

These ones are not welcome:
1.Not interested in me but curious about my stories.
2. Judgers and Advisers.
3.Don't really know whether can accept my experiences and my background but have decided to make a try out.
4.Anyone who thinks you are too good for me.
5.Married ones,uneducated ones,playing ones,rude ones,or any low-level types.
6.Losers who thought maybe because of my background so I'm weak or maybe similar and then can tolerate and understand his not being able to get up any more------Not like this,I'm a great fighter with my awful born to be background all the time and I just love best qualities and possibilities and all of such are still keeping coming to me~:)
7.The ones who'd like to prison beautiful lovely little birds.
8.The ones who have a long list gfs or don't believe in true love.
9.The ones who have no power to clear out environment pollutions or past experience shadows.
10.The ones who have no feelings with good nature,books and soft lovely things such as babies,puppies,flowers,etc.

And this is what I wish:
1.Honest single educated gentleman,if from a normal loving family and can trust and accept me,would be the best.
2.Open-minded and good at cooperating and commnicating.
3.Have normal decent job and his real dreams; and determined to achieve them.
4.Good at enjoying life,both relaxing and hard-working.

I also consider a long term sex partner if you are very qualified and not on my unwelcome list,because maybe it'll gonna be very hard for me get a proper husband.

Thanks for reading and welcome to write to me:


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