Postby walkaroundtheworld » Thu Sep 03, 2015 6:53 pm

It has been a big year, starting my own business, and still keep a company job to support life, bought a flat by my own, feed my animals, going out with friends to do my favorite hiking.
I tried my best for right things. That is something you guys call independent.

But something I care so much, they become or they are made not important anymore.
For example: you, I cared you so much, the feel that you touched my heart is still there but we are not what we were anymore, I miss that happiness in the bottom of heart but I have no one to miss.
Or for example: my home, suddenly I realize where I grew up since I was born is not my home anymore after family formation changes.
I was a camellia from southern mountain area but now days floating in a river of northern planitia. I am really on my own.

Sometimes I see the same faces in crowded subway, I feel like i have more chances to see those strangers than to see the people who mean so much to me.
Something are fading. Some people are leaving. I can not hold anything.
Wish to catch something that warm us up and hold something that I can touch in real.
And I do want to keep the smile by thinking of you. Forgive my childish temper and my sharp mouse.

I am a strong woman, but also fragile woman when I look at those moods and when you look at me.
I am looking for what I miss in my part. Only one person is enough to fill it in. more people cannot help.

About me: Chinese, 31 years old, 168cm, slim, easy going, well educated, experienced in life, sensitive, need lots of forgiveness and attentions. Daily life skill is not strong. Have bad temper and childish sometimes. But in general I am good.

About you, all my PERSONAL tastes, it is my post my territory I make decision what I want, no judge, no attack:
You need to be well educated, thoughtful, handsome (my taste), tall and fit, no muslin no black, East Asian or westerns OK, Age under 40. Passionate, positive, will be good with a little achievement, do not be lazy and greedy. Most important is we feel connection.

Very important to some men:
No weirdo, be normal.
Talk to me with brain, not cock.

Thanks for reading my long ad, it means you must be patient which is good lol.
Feel free to drop me messages with some introduction and pics of you.
and forgive me not put my photo in public website.




Postby Habiba » Tue Sep 22, 2015 7:28 pm

Hi Dear,

it is nice to see you here. you are so nice. i think i can take care you. you make a friedship with me. u can aslo send me message. i am waiting for ur message.

have a good day.


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