Series Relationship -- Life partner


Series Relationship -- Life partner

Postby reanga » Thu Mar 17, 2016 9:04 am


Life is short. I'm asian lady, live in Beijing for over 8 years. Have stable job, but not a rich person, also not beautiful lady, not the local people in this city.
I'm looking for long term and serious relationship. Means, if you are the guy just for fun or lookign for sombody....plz just go away, we don't need to waste our life for that.

Life partner is....stay together, doing nothing is also happiness, make lunch or having dinner, go out wild world, dancing together, drinking together, have celebration, kiss together, having home together.......

At least, end up together.

U.S.A, european prefer, 30-40 years old, well-education, or not well-education with having ambition, already have career, Fluent in CN & EN. BTW, you don't need to be good looking, fit, after all, I don't need a person like "star". That's not what I want.

If you wanna talk, send your short brief and photo as attachment to

I am listening.

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