American Guy SEEKing FRIENDS, Conversation and More..


American Guy SEEKing FRIENDS, Conversation and More..

Postby 3498187335 » Tue Jul 05, 2016 7:43 am

I'm from America, I'm in a young 30 yr. old guy and would like to find someone with a delightful and happy personality. Moreover, someone who try's her best, and honest with those she meets. Perhaps whom is in her 20's (24 to 28) and enjoys learning English and about different cultures.

I would consider myself athletic, flexible, and persistent and selective when it comes to making a girl-gendered friend.. Finally, I enjoy studying the Chinese language and would like to find someone nice & dedicated to converse with on a daily basis.

I work publishing agency. I'm studying Chinese and spend time improving my career. i'm single. I would be free to study with someone. I will most be in Beijing to work, long-term and I enjoy the outdoors.

I live on line 6 in the East. We could be in 潮阳大悦城 , 青年路地铁 or find a quiet place to first chat.. I come from a very large family of girls, so it shouldnt be too difficult for me to hold a conversation with you.

I'm friendly, nice to people who are nice. Quiet much of the time, but if you get to be my good friend, I'm actually very energetic.. Thats a lot about me. How about you?

My cell#-185-1520-0775.


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