Hi ppl, what do you do now?


Hi ppl, what do you do now?

Postby Happyfox » Thu Jul 23, 2015 7:41 am

I live in the west part--Shijingshan, am soho, busy but flexible schedule, wanna join a running team there, but where the hell is that?

The ppl i know they all live in the east or north part, or hell locate in a very remote place, ^-^

Someone who is interested in drop me a phone call to climb a mountain together or to join a party together, or what the hell to explore (hell what?) somewhere new hohoho are welcomed;

Am experienced biz woman, curious but not innocent, i used to challenged myself and won, it make me proud but not hell shallow arrogant, am picky but easy to deal with, i don't speak excellent english so you better no to picky my english ability, hope you're cool, not childish; if you suggest: am ur friend, i'd like to listen, anything your welcomed to complain to me, am ur trashbin.... this is absolutely a trap, hypocrisy guys go - away please ^^

Hoho enough.

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