Know more people , get what you want here


Know more people , get what you want here

Postby wubin » Wed Oct 28, 2015 9:59 am

Hi,here,welcome you onboard China. We have created a website to offer essential services and assistances to any foreigner that is not familiar with the local Chinese facilities and basic norms. In order to ease foreigner that may encounters any difficulties and time saving, our website: provides a complete range of services as below:-

1) Topping up of mobile card.
2) Paying Public Utility bills as such electricity and water bill.
3) Online shopping from reliable suppliers and quality products for value.
4) Sourcing of new products that are not available online.
5) Learning of Basic Chinese languages with online video or engages a professional language teacher.
6) Sightseeing in China, we have listed down various beautiful scenery spots for your selection.
7) Any other services that you might be interested just drop us a line or contacts us directly.

Please do not hesitate to give us your opinion or any suggestion to enable us to serve you better. It is our great pleasure to make your stay in China comfortable as at home. Be a member of ASOEASY and enjoy all the privileges and facilities available here. Learning, sharing and caring make a better living for anyone in any place, with this philosophy we built this website to exchanges and bring happiness to you.

Best regards

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