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just need some beer and smile

Posted: Fri Feb 19, 2016 8:52 am
by dingdingkaka
Hi, I'm girl from northwest of China, i work as translator. I'm stuck in Beijing for a while, looking for a gateaway. Honestly I'm just looking for some colorness in tihs gray city. Some bright people to talk with, or some unhappy people to share the pain. yeah, i may sound weird, but i just really like to listen, especially listen to ppl who experienced lots. i work lots, but i try to give time to the people i care about.
im not looking for casual things, i like beer, but i don't like any fastfood, i enjoy living slowly and meaningfully, although i'm still not clear about the meaning of my life,lol
so yeah, if you want a ear to listen, or a heart to share,contact me though wechat: qianding-flora, or email i prefer wechat though. thanks