American Guy- Seeking Good-Fun Conversation


American Guy- Seeking Good-Fun Conversation

Postby Salmond » Thu Jun 16, 2016 9:14 am

Hello! I’m a 30 year old Guy, love sports, living in Beijing, yet would like to meet someone who is interested in traveling, set to understand American culture from a first-hand perspective, and whom has never before had the experience.

I enjoy sports, adventure, good conversation, and sometimes - the "high" of a cup of coffee; or a rare cup of tea。I come from a small city in America and a big family in the U.S., My heritage is of Western European decent, over 100 years ago my ancestors immigrated to America. and settled in N.Y.C...

I enjoy honest conversation., I am an editor and have worked as a professorin China when I was in my mid-20’s.. I am looking for someone whom has time to frequently meet and answer each others questions regarding language, but without making it feel like a job., more so than fun..

An interested, kind, smart, and sympathetic lady between 25-29 is most suitable for me, you may contact with me anytime. I live in the East.

Call me Jay!

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