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garance su

language exchange

Postby garance su » Mon Sep 22, 2014 8:05 am

I am a Chinese woman .
My ex-french bf give me a french name called Garance !
I have a sincere , positive , curious and very helpful personality.

I am good at Mandarin,calligraphy,Chinese medicine thanks to my parents.

My father is a journalist(an intellectual) and my mother is a Chinese medicine doctor .So i really have learnt something

I can show u the beautiful feelings in chinese poem. In ancient time ,even bitches in brothel also write something touch your deep heart.

i can teach u how to speak elegant and sophisticated Chinese .

I can also use natural herbs to improve your sub-health status and keep energetic ,haha

i can introduce u to some Taiji group .etc. .........

Actually there are a a lot of things to exchange .

i love Chinese culture .but i wanna u to tell me your culture

PLEASE help me learn more , contact me !


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