Bardzo chciałbym nauczyć się Polskiego !


Bardzo chciałbym nauczyć się Polskiego !

Postby linlinr2d2 » Wed Oct 08, 2014 8:45 am

I am very very interested in Polish and I want to see if there is any Polish people in Beijing can help me with it and do language exchange. I am a very beginner, can speak few sentences, and yes, I already know Polish is very hard to learn, but I really like it. I also have been to Poland before, really like there.
I live near the subway station line 6 ShiLiPu stataion, but I can travel if you live in Beijing. A little introduce of myself, my name is lin lin, 26 years old Chinese guy. If anyone interested, please contact me:

Dziekuje !

Kocham Polskę!

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