American Guy looking to make a Suitable Language Partner/Friend


American Guy looking to make a Suitable Language Partner/Friend

Postby fabgab » Wed Oct 08, 2014 8:55 am

Chinese level is considered intermediate. I was reading a grade 6 elementary reading book. I have taught myself pinyin and Chinese characters in my free time. I'm looking for someone to help me learn some new things I may not know, literature or low frequency words and how to use it when making sentences. I wish one day to be fluent and make a couple of friends in Beijing while doing it.
-I have posted a couple ad's before but have not yet found what I am looking for.
-I work in one of the 2008 Olympic venues teaching sports and was teaching in a University in Beijing. I'm young, energetic and fun and would like to meet someone graduating or graduated who has some free time.- :) I wish to meet near you or I and maybe in the middle sometimes during the weekend or after school/work.

....I choose to meet a girl for language learning ll Friendship then can come naturally of course. I think we can talk about different things and get to know different things about history, language, arts, and any interests we may have or would like to share by chatting. Wish to find someone younger than I and honest.

I am looking for someone patient who is interested and likes foreign culture, I suppose someone who likes having talks about anything and one interesting and wanting to help each other with language. We can find a quiet place that you know about I usually study in wudaokuo1 work near chaoyangmen3 days a week and may be taking on a new job soon if it does not keep me from improving my Chinese. I wish to meet someone long-term for good conversation and friendship,

I have a few sisters and no brothers, so it should not be hard for me to have conversation with you. I like running, sports, movies, and good music. I'm looking for someone active, at least not too passive (someone who does not like to talk very much probably would not be suitable.when comfortable those who know me say I am funny, patient and I am easy to talk to.

call me if you like or send a message. Cell: 132-69469-795 send me something about your location, and name and we can pick a public place to meet up and get to know each other.


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