A Chinese looks for a Spanish language partner.


A Chinese looks for a Spanish language partner.

Postby Ms.l » Sat Oct 11, 2014 7:00 am


I'm a Chinese teacher. Recently I want to learn Spanish. So If you are a native spanish speaker, and you want to learn Chinese, let's be language partners. If you are a Spanish teacher, that's will be a plus. If not, as long as you are patient, friendly, and have passion for language teaching and learning, I would be glad to meet you .

I live near Xidiaoyutai, line 10, which is in the west of Beijing. we can find a place which is convenient for both of us to do this. It would be nice if we can study for 2 hours each time. 1 hour for Chinese and 1 hour for Spanish.

Pls feel free to contact me. I have wechat : mumu-spicy. or you can just leave messages here if you prefer.



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