Learn Chinese here ...


Learn Chinese here ...

Postby helen11271 » Wed Oct 15, 2014 7:40 am

Helen here!

I have been a teacher since 2010,and have already taught lot of students from different countries with different levels. My major in the university was Teaching Chinese as a second language.I have many students now,they are all great. I can feel their passion to learning Chinese.I love teaching,and I do enjoy from it. I hope students and me both can enjoy the class,learning happily and working hard together to conquer Chinese. At the same time,I am making an APP of Chinese learning for elementary level foreign students with a company,I hope more and more foreign students can get a way to learning more after class.

My teaching way is different from students to students,depends on student's goal to learning Chinese. I will help students to pick the right materials according to student's goal. For beginners,I will use english to take class,later,I will push you to speak more Chinese in the class. I offer one on one and group class. I offer online class too, I have skype class with my old students who have already left China.

So if you are interested in learning with me or know further information,you can reach me here: chineseteacherfeifei@gmail.com or we chat feifei2014B

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