Beijing Traditional Streets

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Beijing Traditional Streets

Postby inbeijing » Fri Jul 11, 2014 2:07 pm

Qianmen Shopping Street - 前门购物街
Introduction: Standing in the heart of Beijing's "Teutonic enclave"- an area roughly delimited by the German Embassy School, Lufthansa Center and German Food Center- the Kempinski is popular with European tourists, airline staff and executives. F & B options include the Kempi Deli and Paulaner Brauhaus. The Kempinski complex is also home to a shopping mall, offices, an international school and the International Medical Center. RMB 2,000-14,000.

Add: Qianmen Dajie, Xuanwu District

Nanluoguxiang - 南锣鼓巷
Introduction: Over eight centuries old, this one kilometer alleyway is the hub of Beijing bohemian life. Filled with cafes, bars and shops carved out of classic alleys. It's beijing's answer to the French Quarter. Hipsters, musicians, artists and tourists rub shoulders tipping cheap beers on outdoor patios or shopping for cool, locally-designed trinkets. You will find Pottery Shop, Grifted and Plastered T-shirts are three must-visit shops here.

Add: Nanluoguxiang, Gulou
南锣鼓巷, 鼓楼

Yandai Xiejie - 烟袋斜街
Introduction: At this world famous landmark in the Gulou area you'll find Chinese antiques, traditional arts and crafts, fashionable clothes, Tibetan accessories as well as traditional Beijing traditional snacks. All this packed into just 300 meters of street.

Tianhou Silk City - 天厚绸庄
Introduction: This market is all about silk. Inside, find 200 kinds of silk garments and accessories including unique, hand-made silk quilts. It's the place to go if you want to refurbish your bedroom out in total silk or drape yourself in embroidery. There's also an educational component as they show the entire process of making silk.

Add: 52 Xuzhuang Road, Haidian District

Yonghegong Lama Temple Street - 雍和宫大街
Introduction: If you're after Buddhist paraphenelia, the street flanking the Lama Temple is the place to go. Here you'll find everything from incense burners to and big ticket items like Buddhas nearly two meters tall. Or go for something more portable, like cd's of Buddhist chanting.

Add: Yonghegong Dajie, Dongcheng District

Baoguo Temple Culture Market - 报国寺文化市场
Introduction: Known as "little Panjiayuan", this market specializes in old-style Chinese comics, picture books and calligraphies. Muscle in between collectors and investors to find almost all picture books ever published in China or grab the "four treasures of study", brush pens, ink, ink slabs and paper. Go on the weekend when it's especially bustling.

Add: Baoguo Temple, Guang'anmennei

Paper Cuttings Store
Introduction: There are variety of mediums which include paper-cut albums, paper-cut scrolls and framed paper-cut. The contents of paper-cuts have many meanings, Beijing folk custom, many kinds of person figures, Peking opera masks, 12 symbolic animals, Chinese auspicious pictures, landscapes, and different kinds of animals. Many different traditional Chinese art activities are also held in the courtyard. The export trade with the other countries is also run very well here. Great place for traditional Beijing handcrafts.

Add: In Private Museum, No.3 of Guozijian Street

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