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Wanda International Cineplex - 万达国际影城
Introduction: Built and then abandoned by Warner Bros, this sleek, modern theater shows the latest Chinese hits and undubbed movies from Hollywood. The seating is comfortable, but traditionalists be forewarned: There's no salty popcorn, and the picture quality is occasionally grainy. Nonetheless, the large, adjacent arcade is a draw in itself. Tickets are RMB 60-70. Tuesdays are half-price for everybody, while students pay half-price every day. RMB 150 VIP seats allow CBD swanksters to enhance their cinema-viewing experience with ulta-comfy seats, snacks and beverages including up to three glasses of wine.

Add1: 3/F, Bldg 8, Wanda Plaza, 93 Jianguo Road
Tel: 5960 3399
Hrs: 9:00am-10:00pm

East Gate Cinema - 东环影城
Introduction: It may be small and expensive, but with four well-equipped halls showing the newest in foreign and Chinese films, East Gate is one of Beijing's best. Tickets are half price before noon everyday, and it's also the only cinema in town to offer double-seats, which are ideal for cuddling couples or those inclined to get into armrest fights. Head to the nearby subway shop, bakery or cafes to stave off hunger pangs.

Add: B1, Bldg B, East Gate Plaza, 9 Dongzhong Jie
Tel: 6418 5930/5931

UME Cineplex - 华星国际影城
Introduction: The five-floor building is famed for its state-of-the-art equipment, clean environment, and screenings of the latest foreign movies. It's open all day, but half-price tickets can be snagged before 8:30pm. Munch on the standard array of popcorn flavors or head to the nearby Pizza Hut, Subway or Haagen-Dazs to fuel up pre-show. Its biggest claim to fame, literally, is a 430 square meter screen. Tickets RMB 60.

Add1: No.44 Shuangyushu Kexueyuan Nanlu
Tel: 8211 5566

Add2: 5-6/F, Fuli Guangchang, Shuangjing Qiao, Dongsanhuanzhonglu, Chaoyang District
Tel: 5903 7171/7373

Star City - 新世纪影院
Introduction: This theater has the best movie snacks in town, making it an excellent place to take a date. No wonder Star City attracts in droves the pining pairs who favor Oriental Plaza as the launch site for puppy lovin'. Besides showing the latest commercial releases, the theater often hosts small-scale foreign movie festivals-your best bet for catching less mainstream foreign flicks. Tickets from RMB 60.

Add: BB65, Oriental Plaza, 1 Dongchang'an Jie
Tel: 8518 6778/5399

Stellar International Cineplex - 星美国际影城
Introduction: Beijing's most extravagant movie theater, where top-end digital projectors fill the screens with the latest in Chinese and foreign flicks. Hit the screens early in the week to take advantage of various promotions: a free Coke on Monday, half-price tickets all day on Tuesday, and free popcorn on Wednesday. Or get there before noon any day of the week to watch for half-price. On holidays, they screen films all night long. Tickets: RMB 60, 70 and 100.

Add1: 5/F, New Yansha, 1 Yuanda Lu, Haidian
Tel: 8887 2743/45

Add2: 4/F, Bldg A, Wangjing Int'l Commercial Center, No.9 Wangjing Jie
Tel: 5920 3788

Mega Box - 美嘉欢乐影城
Add1: G1, Sanlitun Village, Chaoyang District
Tel: 6417 6118

Add2: 3/F, La Vita, Zhongguancun Shopping Center
Tel: 5986 7777

Dongchuang Cinema - 东创电影院
Add: 3 Xinzhong Jie, Dongzhimen
Tel: 6415 7332
Hrs: 9:00am-10:00pm

Capital Cinema - 新首都电影院
Add: Joy City shopping mall, 10/F, Xidan Beidajie
Tel: 6601 8177

Sun Dong An Cinema City - 新东安影城
Add: 6/F, Sun Dong'an, 138 Wangfujing Dajie
Tel: 6528 1838

Dongdu Cinema - 东都影城
Add: 5/F, Huateng New Horizon, No.195 Dongsihuan Zhonglu
Tel: 8795 2960/64/67

Capital Times Cinema - 首都时代影城
Add: B1, Times Square, Xidan
Tel: 8391 3644/45

Maple Drive-in - 枫花园露天汽车电影院
Add: No.21 Liangmaqiao Road
Tel: 6432 9884/6431 9595

Dahua Cinema - 大华电影院
Add: No.82 Dongdan Beidajie, Wangfujing
Tel: 6525 0343/6527 4420

Show Max Multiplex Cinema - 搜秀影城
Add: No.40 Chongwai Dajie, Chongwen District
Tel: 5167 1299

Beijing Jinyi International Cinemas - 金逸国际影城
Add: B1/F, The Gate City Mall, 19 Zhongguancun Dajie
Tel: 8248 6806

Purple Light Movie - 紫光影城
Add: 5-6/F, west section of Blue Island Tower, No.10 Chaoyangmen Waidajie
Tel: 6599 5205

Saga Cinema - 传奇影城
Add: SA42, SOLANA Lifestyle Shopping Park
Tel: 5905 6868/6168

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