Zizhuyuan Park

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Zizhuyuan Park

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Address: No.45, Baishiqiao, Haidian, Beijing Telephone: 86-10-68420055 How to arrive there: Bus No.s 114, 300, 323, 334, 374, 811, 814, 817, 334, 347, 360, 320 and 904

Zizhuyuan Park is one of the seven largest parks in Beijing. It is situated at the southern end of Baishiqiao Road, with its eastern gate directly across the street from Capital Gymnasium.

The park has three connecting lakes covering 11 out of the park' s 14 hectares. Earth dredged from the lakes was pilled up to form several small hills on the eastern shore to complement the natural hills that line the lakes' western shores. Five bridges connect the lakes, islands and hills into a single integrated area. On islands and the banks of the lakes, flowering shrubs, trees and flowers have been planted with a generous hand. To the north of the lakes the famous Changhe River flows slowly by.

A temple, known in the Ming Dynasty as the Temple of Longevity (Wanshousi) originally stood to the northwest of the lake. Here the Qing rulers built a lodging palace where they and their retinues could rest as they floated to the Summer Palace or the Jade Spring Mountain on the Changhe River. Nowadays all that remains of the original temple are two stone stelae and traces of two landing platforms on the banks of the river.

Admission: 5 yuan


Beijing Planetarium
The planetarium has 600 seats and a celestial body showing system which is makes up of a large homemade Star Projector and tens of special effect projectors ) .,Now we present four to five space shows such as < a universe trip> each day (except Monday and Tuesday ). The exhibition hall illustrate the astronomical knowledge perennially. The up-to-the-minute theme of exhibition is pertinent to " Shenzhou spaceship--- satellite".

Beijing Zoo
The Beijing Zoo, situated to the west of Beijing Exhibition Center, was known for a short time after the founding of the People's Republic as the Western Suburbs Park (Xijiao Gongyuan). The grounds combine cultivated flower gardens with stretches of natural scenery, including dense groves of trees, stretches of grassland, a small stream, lotus pools and small hills dotted with pavilions and halls.

Boating services:
Water area: 158,900 km2
Types of boats: Rowing boats, Pedal boats and Battery-driven boats
Total amount of boats: 100

Cultural activities and featured programs:

Exhibition on Bamboo Culture and Lotus Blossoms
Time: July – August.
Ticket price: (See the price board)

Exhibition on Spring Flowers
Time: March – May
Ticket price: (See the price board)

Skating on the Lake
Time: December – Next January
Ticket price: (See the price board)

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